The signs

of the Neanderthaler


Das bekannte Neandertal

NTM Familie Neandertal Museum Besotel Er

The Neanderthaler

Quarry workers found an old human skeleton in August 1856 in Neandertal near Mettmann. This find hardly caused a stir. However, one asked the Eberfelder naturalist and high school teacher Johann Carl Fuhlrott (1803-1877), a well-known in the area "stone collector". Fuhlrott examined the skeleton and recognized in the bone structure clear deviations from the usual anatomy.He came to the conclusion that it was the remains of a glacial prehistoric man. Soon in the historical spelling of the locality of the "Neanderthaler" was the speech.

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The museum 


Stammbusch©Neanderthal Museum Erkrath Me

Experience time travel through 4 million years of human history

"Where do we come from?" - "Who are we?" - "Where are we going?" This central question guides you through the Neanderthal Museum in Erkrath. Not far from the BESOTEL / TONGRUBE Hochdahl you will find this extremely interesting museum within walking distance in the Neanderthal. The exhibition shows the traces of humanity - from its long journey from the savannas to the big cities nowadays. The focus is on the Neanderthals. The life-size figures in the museum were reconstructed on the basis of human fossils found using scientific methods.

Neanderbad - The bathing world in our area

Freibad Saison Neanderbad BESOTEL-Erkrath

Neanderbad - indoor and outdoor pool with four swimming pools a brine pool with 34 ° C

A family-friendly sports hall and outdoor pool with a waterslide for year-round bathing fun. In addition to the 25-meter outdoor swimming pool on a total water surface of 1200 m2, the Neanderbad Erkrath also has a sports pool, an adventure pool and a children's pool. The brine pool is in a separate hall and invites you to linger.

Exclusive wellness oasis in untouched nature

VALBALI Duesseldorf BESOTEL Ferienwohnungen

The vabali spa brings you get out of everyday life

vabali spa Dusseldorf - with 13 saunas, two steam baths and a laconium, two pools and numerous rest rooms, the vabali is surrounded by nature right on the Elbe in Dusseldorf / Hilden near Erkrath. The vabali is a place of relaxation and rest on the body, soul and spirit.

Unterbacher Sea in Düsseldorf

Unterbacher See Duesseldorf Besotel Erkrath

Recreation at Lake Unterbacher in Dusseldorf with beach and nudist bath

The Unterbacher See is a quarry lake. He is about 83.6 ha and up to 14 m deep. Around the lake lies the nature reserve Unterbacher See. Within this forest there are numerous hiking and biking trails. The Unterbacher See is an important recreational area for the Greater Dusseldorf, Erkrath and Hilden dar. There are campsites, a high ropes course, beaches and a nudist beach. The Strandbad Nord was opened in 1959 with a bathhouse, the Strandbad Süd followed in 1966. On the north shore there is a restaurant with a viewing terrace. The offer is supplemented by a mini golf course and a sailboat harbor with boat rental.

Waterski + Surf Langenfeld

Wasserski Langenfeld BESOTEL Erkrath Neandertal

Water skiing in Langenfeld and surf on the wave, you'll get wet!

It is the perfect wave. The world's first Lakesurfing wave guarantees real surfing in the open air. On the new SURF LANGENFELD wave you experience real, pure surfing like on the sea. The world's first UNIT surf pool creates a standing wave in the middle of the lake, which is 1.60 meters high. Due to its specific water depth, it can be surfed with normal surfboards. In contrast to other standing waves, the experience of nature during the Lakesurfing is much higher: Under the open sky and in nature you are surfing in the middle of the lake, the infinite wave. And if you ever fall off the board, paddle back in the lake and grab the next, perfect wave.

Golfclub Haan Düsseltal

Golfclub Haan Düsseltal BESOTEL Erkrath-

Here the balls fly especially far! Do not you believe? Try it out!

In a gentle and hilly landscape on the edge of the nature reserve Düsseltal, the golf area Haan Düsseltal was created, which is one of the most beautiful in the region Düsseltal and Neandertal. The 18-hole championship course blends harmoniously into the enchanting landscape between Haan-Gruiten and Erkrath. The grown trees could be largely preserved. The fairways are sporty demanding and at the same time suitable for the game in each performance class.

Fortuna Düsseldorf

Fortuna Düsseldorf BESOTEL Ferienwohnung

Bundesliga - Fortuna Düsseldorf - promoted remains in 1st Bundesliga

Thanks to a team-great performance, the team of Friedhelm Funkel in the 2019/2020 season again enjoy the air of the 1st Bundesliga. With over 40 points and great games, the league is secured for Fortuna Dusseldorf and a positive forecast for 2020 is fact. Now it is time to strengthen the team. Perhaps coach Friedhelm Funkel will find support in our Neanderthal team. There are still real fighters ;-)

Schloss & Park



Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf BESOTEL Übern

The park in Benrath is one of the most beautiful gardens in Germany

It's that time again on July 13, 2019: The Schloss & Park Benrath Foundation invites you to the nationwide popular Lichterfest 2019 in the Schlosspark Benrath. As a highlight of the music year, the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker will again play this year with a spectacular and unique fireworks, atmospheric water and light games and a cozy picnic on the mirror pond.


Bergstation Hilden-Kletter-und-Boulderpa

MOUNTAIN STATION Hilden: Climbing and bouldering station for young and old

These numbers impress: 3450 m2 climbing wall inside and outside, 17 m height inside, 20 m height outside, 800 m2 boulder area. Leisure fun for beginners and profiles. Open daily. Climbing shop, restaurant, events, events, in front of the object are enough parking spaces available.

Telefon: 02103 396 32 32

Flyer Bergstation

AQUAZOO Löbbecke Düsseldorf

Evolutionary history and biodiversity

Folgen Sie der Geschichte der Lebewesen bei einem Rundgang Follow the story of the living creatures on a tour through the themed spaces: from the formation in the water, the expansion in the sea, the conquest of fresh water to the colonization of all habitats on land.

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