The ultimate compact city guide Düsseldorf describes
the most important sights in Dusseldorf


The Königsallee

Schicki Micki offers Prada, Gucci, Rolex, Cartier and several shopping malls such as the Sevens, the Shadow Arcades or the KÖ Gallery. In the cafes on the KÖ you can just sit and watch. The Königsallee is passable and offers parking for all sorts of luxury cars.

Route: Königsallee, 40212 Düsseldorf

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The old town Dusseldorf

is located directly on the Rhine and offers art, experience, pleasure and alcohol. The longest bar in the world is only available in Dusseldorf. On the Bolkerstraße day and night is going on in the bars and restaurants.

Route: Bolkerstraße, 40213 Düsseldorf

The castle square

with its large outside staircase and view over the Rhine on Oberkassel invites you to linger. Relax, watch and enjoy the warm sunshine. The historic castle tower is a landmark of Dusseldorf and a postcard motif.


Route: Burgplatz, 402131 Düsseldorf

The casemates on the Rhine

They are considered the most beautiful place on the banks of the Dusseldorf Rhine, right next to Düsseldorf's old town and at the foot of the promenade leading to the Rhine Tower and Medienhafen. Located in the districts Altstadt and Carlstadt, the casemates with their restaurants and pubs form the historic center of Düsseldorf.

Route: Kasematten ( Rheinuferstrasse ), 40213 Düsseldorf

Uerige - an old town

A must-visit for guests who want to see something quaint in Dusseldorf. Here, in addition to our regular guests in Düsseldorf, tourists and fair guests feel at home. Every guest who would like to enjoy "dat yummy Dröppke", returns to the Uerige. Whether in the quaint vault or on the street.The Uerige Altbier from the heart of Düsseldorf's old town was voted the best German regional beer. Other well-known beers are "Füchschen" and "Schumacher"

Route: Berger Str. 1, 40213 Düsseldorf

The TV tower

with over 170 m height offers a revolving restaurant (172 m), an outdoor observation deck (164 m) and an indoor platform at 168 m. The view extends over Dusseldorf to Cologne and into the Bergische or into the lignite mining. You drive relaxed with the elevator in just a few seconds.

Route: Stromstrasse, 40221 Düsseldorf


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The Media Harbor on the Rhine

below the TV tower shines with unusual and artistic architecture.In addition to the state parliament of the state capital Dusseldorf you will find many chic from even more expensive restaurants in the trendy district.

Route: Kaistrasse, 40221 Düsseldorf

The animal park in Gerresheim

is interesting for old and young. Many free-range tame animals
You can feed in this wildlife park for free. The wildlife park with its approximately 100 animals is embedded in the scenic Grafenberger forest.

Route: Rennbahnstraße 60, 40629 Düsseldorf

The Aquazoo Löbbecke

has just been renovated and offers wonderful views of the underwater world for all ages.In addition to animal observations, the newly designed museum exhibition offers special opportunities to learn about the natural biodiversity and ways of life of the animals themselves.

Route: Kaiserswerther Str. 380, 40474 Düsseldorf

The Classic Remise

is something for vintage fans.Around 300 vintage cars from all over the world are exhibited there. The house is open 365 days and the exhibited vehicles can be bought. Admission is free.In carefully restored historic industrial architecture, you will find vehicles from two millennia in a unique atmosphere.

Route: Harffstraße 110A, 40591 Düsseldorf

The airport Dusseldorf

offers two highlights.One of them is the Skytrain, a leaderless suspension railway that runs fully automatically from the airport station to the terminal. The second highlight awaits you at Terminal B: the visitor's terrace. From here you can see directly on the airfield and watch the machines when starting and landing.

Route: Fernbahnhof Skytrain, 40474 Düsseldorf

The art collection North Rhine-Westphalia

has been offering a distinctive profile as a museum of the 20th and 21st centuries for 50 years. Due to its high-ranking collection, the Kunstsammlung NW has for a long time maintained an outstanding position in the international museum world. With significant works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Piet Mondrian and the extensive collection of about 100 drawings and paintings by Paul Klee, the art collection is worth a visit.

Route: Grabbeplatz 5, 40213 Düsseldorf 

The historic district Kaiserswerth

lies in the north of Dusseldorf directly on the Rhine and forms with the districts Angermund, Kalkum, Lohausen, Stockum and Wittlaer the district of Düsseldorf five. Kaiserswerth is the oldest district of Düsseldorf. The more than 1300 year old town with its historic old town, Kaiserpfalz and Rhine promenade is a popular destination for visitors from near and far. From Kaiserswerth a ferry goes across the Rhine to Meerbusch. Alone this is already an experience. The surroundings of Kaiserswerth are also ideal for long walks or wonderful long bike rides.


Route: Klemensplatz, 40489 Düsseldorf

The baroque castle Benrath

It was built in the middle of the 18th century and can also be visited from the inside. The park can be visited free of charge.A visit is worthwhile in summer and in winter. The main building is furnished as a princely dwelling house with precious furniture and historical works of art of the 18th century.

Route: Benrather Schloßallee 100-108, 40597 Düsseldorf

The Hofgarten Dusseldorf

is the green lung of the city. The Hofgarten is special because of its diversity and its almost artificial, strict and deliberately designed forms. That is why it is a popular destination for relaxing walks in the center of Düsseldorf, between Königsallee, Altstadt and Rhein.

Route: Hofgartenstraße, 40479 Düsseldorf

The Carlsplatz, in the heart of Dusseldorf

has an offer that is second to none. More than 60 stalls offer freshness, quality and variety bundled in one place. Be it exotic fruit or regional vegetables, freshly caught fish, meat and poultry, fresh bread and baked goods, cheese, fancy delicacies, sweets and coffee specialties. Whether healthy food for every day or unusual for the special occasion: on the Carlsplatz you will find what you are looking for. By the way: And you can eat there too.

Route: Carlsplatz 26, 40213 Düsseldorf

The Unterbacher lake

is worth a bathing trip in July or August.Pack your swimming trunks and a towel and visit the North or South Beach.The Unterbacher See in the southeast of Dusseldorf is one of the most popular places to visit in summer and invites you to enjoy sailing, swimming or surfing in bright sunshine. It is also allowed to grill on special public barbecue areas - so it is not surprising that many visitors spend their free time at the lake until sunset.

Route: Rothenbergstrasse, 40627 Düsseldorf

The EKO house in Oberkassel

Düsseldorf as one of the largest Japanese cities in Europe has been selected for the cultural center. The EKŌ House includes a Buddhist temple, Japanese gardens and a traditional-style house with a tearoom. Here you will find a vivid picture of Japanese culture.

Route: Brüggener Weg 6, 40547 Düsseldorf 

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