Explore Düsseldorf with the E-Scooter 

We went with the Train (S-Bahn) from Erkrath-Hochdahl to Dusseldorf. After 15 minutes we reached the main station from Dusseldorf. Then we decided to test the new trend. Drive e-scooter. In the front of the train station are several scooters providers and can be used for driving. To do this, you need to install an APP (Lime) on the smartphone and enter a payment method.

We chose the provider Lime. Charge: 95% and 85%. Before starting the ride we have scanned the QR code to unlock the e-scooter ( Cost 1 EURO to unlock the e-scooter). We also had luck with the weather. Only Sun. The beginning was a bit shaky. After several meters, we were already brave and dared to approach the top speed of 20 km / h. Driving is allowed on roads and cycle paths. Driving is not allowed on the sidewalk.

Create an account now and get a free unlock >> https://lime.bike/referral/R632S7O

We were totally surprised by how much fun that is. So 110 minutes passed very fast and 13 km unwound. And we have seen a lot of things: The Königsallee, the Hofgarten, the old town, the casemates, the state parliament, the harbor, the city gate, the district Bilk, the Karlsplatz, the Kaufhof, the Dreischeibenhaus, Edeka Zurheide and much more. We are sure to use this trend in other major cities to get to know the city independently of cars, traffic jams, parking garages and time lost. We have 10 out of 10 points.

Distance: 13 km
Cost: 23 € (0.20 € / minutes)
Consumption: 50% battery
CO2 savings: 2400 kg
Fun factor: high

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